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My Life Story

October 12, 2011

It’s good to be here.

Today is the second day of my real estate journey. Hi I’m Michael Lewis White, I am a builder, artist, Louisville native and soon to be realtor. I am in training at the A-Pass-Weikel Institute here in Louisville.

The journey I speak of is a personal one, but one that you can join in. Many people dream of a successful career in real estate, I intend over the next few years to make that dream a reality. My main website is House in Louisville, but the place where I am documenting my real estate adventures is

I think Realtors young and old, new and experienced should check it out. Why is it interesting, you might ask. Well to explain that I have to tell you about myself. (This is going to be good)

My life story.

I was born Michael Lewis White, son of Lew and Phyllis White. My dad owned a small business here in Louisville, Electric Ladyland located on Bardstown Rd. My mom was a moderately successful real estate agent here in town. I was a prodigy. I don’t use that term lightly, I excelled in every subject under the sun. You name it I did it, and I was the best. In soccer, I was the goalie; baseball: pitcher; basketball: center. See the pattern? My music teacher doted on me, “the best student she ever had”. My regular teachers couldn’t get enough either, the only people that disliked me at school were the bad kids, they resented my performance. At 12 years old, as a 5th grader I decided to take the S.A.T. at U of L, just to see how I would do. After I got my 1550 score back the Dean of Admissions called me personally to humbly ask if I would “consider attending their school”.

My success didn’t stop there, by 18 I was running my own technology company, and employed several people that were decades older than I. I bought my first house that year, and got married. I was on the fast track to success. (this is what you were waiting for the downturn) After 5 years of marriage, and three beautiful children, things seemed to me like they couldn’t get any better. My company had grown to 15 employees, we were doing over a million dollars a year and everyone loved me. Everyone that is except my young wife. All the pressure of being married to a shooting star like me had taken a tremendous toll on her, and unbeknownst to me, she was very unhappy.

The moral change.

So when we had a rough month at the company (a big customer was holding back a large payment) I decided to put the employees first and not pay myself for the month. My wife jumped at the opportunity, and despite having brought home the bacon for 5 years, she decided to leave me due to that one month without pay. Of course the real issues weren’t about that, it was my 24/7 work schedule, the pressures of running a house with three babies and the fact that she never had a chance to live her life before being thrust into mine. So she just left.

I was raised in a house where Mom took care of the kids, and Dad made most of the money. The idea of me taking care of the kids was very foreign, I had zero skills in dealing with children or taking care of a household. I couldn’t even do my own laundry….she was gone and I was left holding the bag, the diaper bag.

The bad part.

Needless to say, my professional career suffered. I was completely unequipped to handle both sides of my life alone. I made the conscious decision right then that the kids were the most important of the two. Instead of slapping them in daycare, I did my best to care for them. The result at the office was disastrous. My employees needed me, I was their guiding light. They felt betrayed by their leader. Almost unaminously they decide to leave my company, and start a new one without me involved. I can’t blame them, i went from pushing them to work as hard as possible, to being almost non-existent at the office.

Within a few months, I had depleted my savings, lost my source of income, and was close to losing my home. Morose, I dropped the kids off at Mom’s house and went to visit an old client of mine and dear friend, Laura Wilson. Laura came to my rescue, she picked me up and dusted me off saying “Your worth saving Michael White”. Recalling those words still brings tears to my eyes. I moved in with Laura, and the kids went to live with my parents. I still saw them everyday, but I had no way to support them on my own. Laura and I fell in love, slowly, starting out as great friends and moving up from there. I realized that I had never truly known love before.

The return of the mac.

After a little while the kids moved in with Laura and I. She is a very cautious person, (it comes from being a banker for 20+ years) and she didn’t want to start a relationship with the kids until she was sure we would last. Once she did, they accepted her with open arms. We rarely heard from my ex, it was like she had dropped off the planet. That suited Laura, the kids and I just fine. We have all been living together in our happy home on Fairfax Ave for 6 years now. The kids are doing great, and I am the happiest man in the world.

That happiness didn’t come overnight, I really struggled at first with my new found responsibilities. Today I am super dad, I cook, I clean and I am a laundry professional. Laura has a unique career, she teaches bankers about regulations and her travels keep her on the road much of the time. That means Daddy is the number one caregiver in our household. The kids and I do everything together, I couldn’t do it without them.

Rebooting my career

This brings me to the present day, and the point of all this, my new real estate career. the kids are becoming more self sufficient, and I am ready to re-enter the workforce. I haven’t exactly been sitting on my thumbs all this time, technology has always been my passion, and in the past 6 years I have concentrated my learning on the web and web site design. I can code in every programming language known to man, and I have massive skills in graphics and design. From 3d animation to photography to film, I am an expert. With the skill set I have a natural fit would be to start a small web design studio. But I asked myself, why design web sites for others, and make them money, when I could design one for myself, where I make money?

So I set out to find a career that depended on the web to be successful. After careful research, I settled on real estate. I intend to dominate my local market through strategic use of the web. You can follow along my journey at I plan to document every step I take, and every move I make. That way whether I win or lose, everyone entrepreneur out there can benefit from my story.

About the Author:

Michael Lewis White, is a daddy. In his spare time he is also a blogger, home builder, and real estate enthusiast. His posts are focused on home buying, selling, and living in Louisville. You can read more insightful tips at his blog, and find your next home on his website at House in Louisville

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  1. Phyllis permalink

    That was quite a story. Thanks for sharing that.

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