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My louisville real estate journey begins.

October 11, 2011
Picture of realtor holding house.

Are you in good hands? 🙂

Well today is my first day embarking on my new career idea: to gain success in my local real estate market.

I intend to make this journey with you, dear reader, keeping me company. My plans hinge mainly around two principles that I hold true.

  1. No one loves real estate more than I do.
  2. No one in my market knows the internet better than me.

(well I guess I can only truly count on #2)

About me. 😉

Who am I? Why do I think I can win on the net? What is real estate?

I am Michael Lewis White. Webmasters in 50 states fear me. I once roundhouse-kicked Chuck Norris and lived to blog about it. -Only the first statement is true.

Why should you be interested?

My background is in web design and internet marketing. I have decided to take on the local real estate agents and brokers in the battle for buyer’s eyeballs. I am going to document the whole process so you can benefit from my failure or success.

Why Real Estate?

Because I love the industry! Not necessarily sales, though that is a passion of mine, it’s the houses. I have spent time building houses, both working on the crew as a laborer and running the show as the builder. But I haven’t been able to achieve my personal dream of owning a house that I am proud of.

Currently I live at 244 Fairfax Ave Louisville, Ky 40207. Most people would be extremely satisfied with my house, but I’m not. I have worked around new homes all my life, and I am very accustomed to the easy lifestyle to be found in Suburbia. But I digress….

What Happened Today?

This section is where I will publish the meat of the day’s efforts.

  • Domain Name. I registered the domain name at my favorite hosting provider Why did I pick that registrar? Well I have used them for years, they are large enough to be stable, and their prices are fair.

Why that Domain Name?

Oh that question is a doozy! Lets spend some time analyzing that….tbc.

One Comment
  1. Hey guys I love to hear from my readers, and I will respond. Try me, just leave a comment and see if I don’t talk back!

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